William A. Popeleski, Jr. CEO

Bill Popeleski is an entrepreneur and operations-IT executive whose clients include legendary financial services companies such as Kohlberg Kravitz and Roberts (KKR), Citibank, UBS, and JP Morgan Chase. He also enjoys integrating IT into creative industries such as Urban Box Office and You Should be Dancing.

As President of BP Global Solutions, Bill works with clients that are undergoing rapid change, helping them to optimize their people, processes and technology. His specialty is providing customized, innovative solutions in a way that eases their acceptance, rather than roiling firm culture. He works with his clients to help structure and position their organizations to be lean, innovative, and nimble.  

Bill has a 15-year alumni relationship with Suffolk University and its Sawyer Business School (SBS).  He has served as president of the SBS alumni board as well as co-chair of the New York alumni chapter. In both roles, he has invested significant time in strengthening the school’s alumni network, which includes leaders in business, finance, technology, government, and the arts. He is now on the Board of Trustees for the University and is an officer of the board. He received a BA in Psychology from Wilkes College and an MBA from Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School.​


BP Global Solutions

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