Drawing on deep expertise in the private and public sectors, we help craft communications strategies and solutions that speak to multiple audiences, both external and internal. We help companies position themselves with customers, the media, employees, and regulators to reduce risk and drive optimal business outcomes.


BP Global Solutions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We focus on the particular needs of each client, helping them to implement best-in-class operations. We partner with clients from concept to strategy to execution, ensuring that our advice responds to each company’s unique needs and culture. 

We have one primary goal: deliver measurable results that make a difference to our clients’ bottom line. We get things done.


We work with entrepreneurs and innovators to chart a course for bringing new concepts and products to market. As experts in both communications and technology, we help new ventures craft a brand identity, identify key markets, and leverage multiple channels to reach early-stage investors.

Information Technology

We have extensive high-profile consulting experience working globally for leading firms in financial services and private equity. Using a change leadership approach, we provide strategic advice management and state of the art technology expertise that improves business performance, reduces risk, and allows companies to reach a world-class level of IT operations.​​

BP Global Solutions Inc is a consulting firm specializing in innovative technology, communication and business operations expertise to new and established companies across a variety of industries.